Community Guidelines


You42 is a community of creators. We support each other in the spirit of positivity and collaboration. There are a few different ways you can become a part of our community. As a contributor, you can post your content and use the platform as a place to interact with other creators and people who enjoy your work. As a fan, you can seek out entertainment in a wide variety of formats and genres, and get to know your favorite artists. Or, as we recommend, you can do a little bit of both.

No matter how you utilize the platform, please remember that the You42 community represents a diverse range of identities, backgrounds and opinions. Please be respectful of others and supportive of their endeavours as we work to build a space where creativity can thrive.

So before you post your mixtape or start a group discussion on the current state of cat vlogging, make sure to read our Community Guidelines.

01 / What Should I Post?

That’s up to you! You42 is an open platform that supports a wide range of formats and genres. Use your profile page to set the tone, and then build your presence through your content. Just make sure that it is in line with the following guidelines.

02 / Much Respect

The You42 community is all about building each other up and helping others produce their best work. We do not tolerate any content or comments considered to be bullying, threatening, offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, hateful, lewd or harassing. Promotion or insinuation of violence or intolerance is strictly prohibited, as is content that promotes harmful behavior that could be considered dangerous to members of our community. If aren’t sure you can reference our Terms of Service.

03 / Keep It Clean

Pornography and sexually explicit material are not allowed on You42. If your content features nudity or sexual situations in an artistic context, you must tag it as explicit or you may be banned. And remember, authorities will be notified if you post or share sexual images or videos of minors, period.

04 / No Swiping

We like sharing, but if you post something on You42, make sure that you own it or are authorized to post it. In order for creators to get paid for their work, they have to be able to track their content and keep it from being distributed without their knowledge. Please make sure that all copyrights are cleared and metadata is correctly entered before you post songs, videos, images and games. If you fail to do so, your content may be pulled from the platform without warning.

05 / Fair Use

All that being said, there are instances where copyrighted material can be used without the owner’s permission through the concept of fair use. Fair use is ultimately decided by a court of law based on 1) use of the original work and whether the new use is commercial, 2) if the work is fiction or factual (factual being more favorable for fair use), 3) how much of the original is copied (short excerpts are more likely considered fair use), and 4) will the copy harm the marketability or possibly replace the original? Fair use is determined on a case-by-case basis, so please consult a legal professional if you have any questions.

06 / Be Yourself

We want everyone to use You42 to show the world what they can do. In that spirit, don’t create a profile in an attempt to impersonate or mock another person or entity. Also, please title and tag your content in a way that reflects the actual nature of the content and is not intentionally misleading.

07 / No Soliciting

While there are lots of ways to advertise your content on You42, you are not allowed to place advertisements inside your content. It’s fine to use content to promote things like events and projects, but please refrain from content that is posted for the sole purpose of selling items or services.

08 / And Here’s The Warning

If you don’t follow these guidelines, your content may be removed or you may be banned from the platform at the sole discretion of You42. To learn more about the rules governing the You42 platform, please check out our Terms of Service.

09 / You42 Logo Use

If you would like to use the You42 logo or the Networks logo, you must first get permission. Send an email to and let us know how you plan to use the logo. For guidance on You42 logo use, check out our Brand Standards Guide. To download various approved versions of the You42 and the Networks logo, download this Zip File.


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