Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about the type of information that we may gather or collect from you in connection with your use of our site and platform. It also explains the conditions under which we use and disclose that information, and your rights in relation to that information...

Terms of Service


Welcome to You42. We’re so glad that you’re here to use You42 and our other products and services, all of which we refer to simply as the “Services.” Make yourself comfortable and have a good time, but please follow our house rules. 01 / Accepting These Terms This document and the other documents...

Token Purchase Agreement


Please read this agreement carefully and in its entirety before purchasing any U42 Tokens. This U42 Token Purchase Agreement (this “Agreement”) by and between you and You42, Inc. (the “Company”) contains the terms and conditions that govern your purchase of certain ERC20-compatible tokens...

Community Guidelines


You42 is a community of creators. We support each other in the spirit of positivity and collaboration. There are a few different ways you can become a part of our community. As a contributor, you can post your content and use the platform as a place to interact with other creators and people who...


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